Track us down

We sincerely apologise, but there is no car parking on site!

The farm is an easy, short walk from the nearest car parking in Totnes and easily wheelchair accessible. Just follow the signs for Totnes Rare Breeds Farm or for the South Devon Railway, which is next to the farm.

By road: 

We advise parking at the Pavilion Leisure Centre (TQ9 5XW) where you only pay for as long as you need. Follow the footpath that runs alongside the playing fields down to the bottom of the mainline train station. There the footpath turns right down to the river where you turn left and head over the bridge to the South Devon Railway and we're on the other side of the's only a short walk (promise!) and a very pleasant one.

You can also park at the mainline train station (TQ9 5JR) but please be aware that you have to pay for an all day ticket.

please, please, PLEASE do not follow Google directions as these will leave you stranded in the middle of the countryside!

By train:

Trains stop at Totnes on many local and national routes. Follow signs from the station down to the river and across to the farm (see above)!

By steam train:

South Devon Railway runs trains from Buckfastleigh (where there is free parking) and Staverton. The farm is on the other side of the tracks at Totnes.