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Thank you to everybody who visited us this year for all your support. We look forward to seeing you all again next season.

26th September 2011

A few months ago a visitor asked for the fleeces from the three Ouessant sheep. No one thought anything more about it until her husband appeared in this amazing Jumper:


All the wool from Bourbon, Custard and Cream was hand woven and knitted by Jenny. Husband Ian testified that it was lovely and warm - needless to say we were all very impressed!

5th September 2011


Harvest Mice are the latest new arrivals here at Totnes Rare Breeds.

We are lucky enough to have a family of 11 that have settled in.

Come and be amazed as you watch them explore their new enclosure, using their prehensile tails to balance through the highest thistles and branches.

Harvest Mice are the smallest European rodent - weighing as little as 4 grams - so you'll need a keen eye to spot them all!

Recently, as numbers dwindle, Harvest Mice have become almost impossible to spot in the wild in Britain so make sure you take this opportunity to come nose to nose with them.

Head down to Totnes Rare Breeds on Sunday 7th August for the 2011 Art Day.

With local illustrator Paula Cloonan on-hand to offer guidance and tips, they'll be enough going on to occupy arty crafty people of all ages, all day:

- Sketch books and drawing boards will be handed out, with pencils, pens and watercolours available to capture that magical picture. Settle down on a straw bale to sketch your favourite animal, paint the green landscape of the farm, or doodle a beautiful flower.

- Make a bird feeder out of a milk bottle, decorate it, then take it home and make lots of feathered friends.

- Choose an animal mask to decorate, then get busy with the glue. Will it be a white wooly sheep, a pink pig or a feathered owl? Yours to keep - who doesn't want to pretend to be a pig?

- Model your favourite animal out of clay, and take that home too.

- Contribute your drawing to our big Rare Breeds canvas - and don't forget to sign it!

All materials are provided, but feel free to bring your own if you wish. All this for no extra cost, just the usual farm entry rates. So there's no excuse not to come down for a memorable, super-creative day.

Just watch out for the goats eating your artwork...

22nd June 2011

Thank you to everyone who put names in the box for our beautiful kid goats. Unless Tuppence has something she's not telling us all the babies have now been born.

The four girls are Bella, Bonnie, Buttons and Beatrice.

Five boys are Barrie, Billy, Brian and Bradley and Bertie.

It's the year of the Bs! So everyone start thinking up C names for 2012.